Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thanks for praying!  I can't say that enough, can you tell?!
The past few days at home have been quite rough on both John and I.  Obviously for me, I have dealt with an incredible amount of pain.  This has definitely been the most difficult surgery as far as discomfort goes.  John sweetly reminded me that cutting a section out of my femur bone and replacing it isn't exactly a walk in the park.  Was he ever right!  Even with the nerve block (which I removed today), the pain was basically unbearable and out of control up until this afternoon.  I am finally starting to feel relief when I take my pain meds this evening.  I'm looking forward to sleeping better tonight!  I generally get extremely nauseated, but this time around has been significantly better.  The anesthesiologist gave me a new pill prior to surgery that did wonders!  My head is spinning and my stomach swirling a bit tonight, but I'm not complaining!  And John has had to deal with me!  As always, he is amazing!!!  Since I'm only allowed out of bed to use the restroom, he makes all the food, helps me do my PT, gets up with me at night, and the list goes on.  The sump pump has to be filled with ice cold water at all times, so he is constantly making big ice blocks and changing out the water.  What a man!  He is truly my champion!

Both of our mothers brought food over yesterday, so that gave John a break from meal preparation today.  What would we do without the moms?  My mom also washed all the dishes (which were piling up!) and who knows what else!  We are so grateful to have our family in town to help.  This road is too difficult to walk alone!  Apparently John has arranged for a babysitter to come watch me tomorrow while he works... thanks Aunt Dari!

God is constantly showing His faithfulness to me.  How do people survive this life without Him?  Keep praying in any way you feel led.  Please also start praying that our insurance would not deny any claim related to this surgery!  I have a complete peace in my heart about this, but I know that we need to pray against Satan's schemes to destroy us, and this is a way he can do that!

I'm Pressing On! -Jessie

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