Saturday, September 12, 2009


So I've basically realized that blogging is a great thing to do while recovering from surgery... it distracts me from the pain!  This time around is by far the most painful out of all the surgeries I've been through.  Even with my nerve block and the narcotics, I'm still in severe pain.  Yes, I had to stop trying to suck it up and give in to those darn pain meds.  Not too happy about it, but I realized that I just couldn't go another hour without some relief.  Night time is the absolute worst.  Like clock work, I wake up every 2 hours, nearly on the dot, to take my meds.  I hope this ends soon!  My nerve block gets removed tomorrow, which I'm so not excited about.  I can't even imagine what the pain will be like without that.  Seriously, it is a 10 out of 10 right now.  How can it get any worse?!

I have this cool sump pump ice cooler that is connected to my knee 24 hours a day.  It basically takes freezing cold ice water, pumps it up through a tube, circulates it around my knee, and then returns it back to the cooler.  So much nicer than a standard ice pack, but it is a pain to disconnect and reconnect when I have to get up to use the restroom.  That's really the only time I'm allowed out of bed for the first 4 days.  Oh well, it's not like I'm comfortable enough to be hobbling around the condo anyway! 

Have I mentioned how much I feel like a newborn these days?  I've spent time with Chad and Lesley and their precious angel, Emily, the past few weeks, and I'm seeing some striking similarities between the two of us.  Maybe that means we'll be best buds :)  Seriously, I'm 100% dependent on others to do EVERYTHING for me.  First off, I'm forbidden to get out of bed alone.  I can't prepare my own food, I need help getting dressed, and I can't even bathe myself on my own!  Talk about losing your modesty... mine has flown right out the window!  So Little Munchkin, we're in this together!  

Hopefully I'll be well distracted today with the visitors that are coming.  Mom and Dad are only allowed to come if they bring me my Mexican fix!  And when Scottie comes, I think I'll have him run by Natsumi and get me a cup of my favorite fro-yo!  He's bringing his new girlfriend along, so I'm thinking he's trying to get brownie points from his big sis!  I must admit that what I see in her so far, I do like.  That is saying a lot if you know me.  I don't know how many girls I have ever really liked for my brothers.  Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.  My favorite thing about said girlfriend is that she is Honduran!  The extended Sage family seems to be quite international.  One cousin married a Thai, one married an East Indian, I married Chinese, and well, we'll see about the brothers!

Are you tired of reading yet?  I still have so much to say!  I guess I'll leave my sentiments for a later post.  I am hoping to post pics soon, but in the move, I somehow misplaced my camera cord.  I do have some cool pics of all the garb that adorns me right now!

Thanks for your prayers!  I can't say it enough because I know just how powerful your prayers are!  I may not have received miraculous healing, but I do believe that God is using Western medicine and surgery to heal my damaged body.  I'm so thankful that I live in a country where I have access to amazing docs and cutting edge procedures.  When this is all over, I'll have great scars linked with good stories of God's faithfulness to me through my trials.  I'll write more on this later, but I wanted to quickly mention that the bone and cartilage that was donated is beautiful!  The pictures taken inside my knee show how young and healthy this tissue is.  In saying that, I know that my donor was probably a young teenager.  I knew that they only take young tissue, but seeing the pics was a reality check for me.  I am so thankful for the family that chose to donate their loved one's organs.  Please stop and pray for this precious family today.  I don't know who they are or where they live, but I want the peace of MY Savior to touch them this week as they mourn the passing of their child or sibling.  I know that I will also be praying for their salvation.  That is the most important prayer I could offer up for them.

In MY Savior's Peace,

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