Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Prayer for Salvation

I'm currently awake, waiting for my IV antibiotics to be hung, so I thought I'd make a quick post.  Being in bed gives a person lots of time to think.  Believe it or not, I have the ability to deeply reflect on things, even when I've got heavy meds on board.  Right now I'm thinking about my current surgeon and my past surgeon.  The one I have been seeing, who performed 5 out of the 7 surgeries, doesn't know the Lord, and is actually quite against the Christian church.  Throughout my time under her care, I tried to bring a positive attitude with me each time I saw her.  I was always real with her, carefully exposing my heart.  I prayed, and prayed, and prayed for her salvation.  I consistently prayed for the perfect time to share my beliefs with her.  You see, her opposition is so strong, that bluntly speaking Truth to her doesn't work.  I would always manage to slip comments in about my strong faith as we conversed.  I even got friends and family fervently praying for her salvation.  But the ripe time never came for me to intimately share with her.  I have since moved on and chosen a different surgeon, but she is still on my heart.  I love her so dearly and desire for her to experience the same joy that I have in my relationship with my Father and Redeemer.  At this point, I'm realizing that maybe God's plan was for me to sow the seed and another to reap the harvest.  I surely pray that to be the case.  Obviously I know that all believers are called to share the Gospel with those who don't know the Lord.  No matter what culture we live in, it is still our responsibility to do that.  But I also know that we must be culturally sensitive in our approach.  In China and in Africa, I could often say exactly what I wanted to and it would be received.  But in America today, that just doesn't seem to be the case.  The manner in which we present the Gospel should be catered to culture.  No, we are never to present a washed-out Truth, but we are to speak with sensitivity.  So, all that to say, I hope that my life was Christ's light to her.  Pray with me if you will.  I long for her to know my Healer!

After much prayer and counsel from my elders, I decided to change surgeons.  I was feeling limited with my aformentioned doc.  Clearly, my options were limited to only 2 surgeries anyway, but I felt I needed to see someone with more experience.  So now I'm seeing the #1 rated orthopaedic knee surgeon in the metroplex, Dr. Robert Scheinberg.  Wow!  This man is amazing!  He is absolutely intelligent and yet so sensitive at the same time.  Unlike many other surgeons, he doesn't try to make decisions for me.  He presents the data, the case, and his opinion.  But he leaves the final decision up to me.  I like that.  His bedside manner is incomparable to most docs in his profession.  Above all, he is so incredibly caring and sympathetic.  As you know, this is hard to find.  Despite my attempt to hold back the tears, I cried during my first visit with him.  He was so gentle and kind, and demonstrated such care for my feelings and my pain.  Both John and I are perfectly content with him.  I am praising the Lord for opening the doors that allowed me to see him and to get this transplant done expediently.  If you're interested in hearing the story, I will gladly share what a miracle it was in getting in so quickly to see him and getting my transplant so quickly as well.  It was nothing less than the hand of God putting EVERY single thing into place.  I love to share the story to show God's faithfulness to me!

As I go home tomorrow, please pray for comfort.  I really need it!  And pray for John, my champion.  He needs an extra measure of patience to deal with me and my high-maintenance self!  Thank you God for giving this special man to me!

Keep praying! 

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