Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spinning Thoughts

Random Childhood Memory #1:
While my parents were on furlough during my kindergarten year of school (they were missionaries overseas), I attended Brookdale Christian School in New Jersey.  I LOVED Thursdays because it was spaghetti day in the cafeteria.  Spaghetti is my all time favorite food, and I can still taste that particular spaghetti on my tongue today!

If you're wondering why I posted that, it's because I've decided to open each blog entry with a random childhood memory.  Please know that I'm not bragging when I say this, but I probably have a better memory of my childhood than most adults out there.  And I have decided that I want to not only keep these sweet memories fresh, but I also want to reflect on the great times I had as a child.  I somehow think that doing this might keep my spirits up!

Well, life goes on, doesn't it?  When you're stuck in bed, it still goes on, just at a seemingly slower pace.  I've started allowing myself the opportunity to get up at least once during the day to take time away from my bed and my ice machine.  Yesterday I ventured out to Massage Envy for my bi-monthly massage.  Now, don't be jealous, because the massages I get are for therapeutic purposes only, and I promise that they are anything but enjoyable.  It didn't take much convincing for my husband to allow me to get a membership to said spa.  As a result of all the knee surgeries I've had, my lower back has taken a major beating, so I have to get the rough patches worked out every several weeks.  Since we've moved back to Dallas, I have yet to find a great therapist.  Any recommendations?  Let me know!  Today we got out for our nephew's birthday party and John's family dinner.  My sweet John toted my ice machine around so that I could participate in the fun.  Actually, I spent the majority of my time sitting on the couch with my leg propped up, but the change of scenery was just what the doctor ordered (not really, but I'm trying to convince myself that it is)!

I just have to say that being disabled isn't always a bad thing.  Pretty soon, I'll post my ever-lengthening list of reasons it can be of benefit to me.  Give me some time; I'm still working on it!  Anyway, I am really enjoying the time I have to think.  When you are well and leading a normal life, you have to make yourself take time out of the day to think, pray, read the Bible, spend time with God, etc.  But when you're in a situation like mine, there is no making time... you already have all the time you need!  I can guarantee you that virtually all of my days are spent thinking.  And I'm taking full advantage of it!

A few random thoughts...  1.) Have you ever watched HGTV?  That channel is in the running, along with TLC and Discovery Health, for being my favorite TV channel.  Funny, isn't it... seeing as how we don't even own a television!  I've been looking around this condo lately, noticing all the small and big things that need to be done, like finishing the bathroom updates, painting the crown molding and doors, decorating, and the list goes on.  I am SO overwhelmed, because in this current physical state, I can't do anything at all to make this into a home!  Do you ever wish that HGTV would just show up at your door one day, send you on vacation, and fix up and decorate your entire place?  Sheesh... I am dreaming this to happen!  2.) We live on the first floor, in a very elongated condo.  Above us, there are 2 separate condos, each with its square footage divided into 2 floors.  So essentially, Mr. M resides above our main living area, and Ms. L resides above our bedrooms.  It seems ironic to me that both of these neighbors are insomniacs!  We have the great pleasure of hearing their footsteps all night long.  So I'm currently listening to Ms. L prance around her living room while watching TV.  Oh the joys of condo living!  3.) I didn't fall asleep until 2am this morning.  Looks like I'm headed in that same direction tonight.  Yesterday was understandable; today, definitely not.  After making it almost a week without pain medicine, I broke down and had to take one pill tonight.  You'd think that I'd be asleep by now with that potent narcotic on board... but I'm not!  What is going on?  Guess I'll be waking John up to pray that I'll fall asleep.  For some reason, that ALWAYS works like a charm!

I am really praising God that having this time away from work is allowing me the chance to join BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)!  My childhood is filled with memories of my mother attending BSF each week and diligently studying the Word.  I want to be a God-seeker like my mother was.  What an example she was to me!  Looks like I'll be spending my Tuesday mornings in fellowship with other like-minded women.  I'm also excited to get out and meet new ladies.  As much as I love my girlfriends from church, I really do need different women to intimately share my life with.  Thank you LORD!

Ok, I'd say this is getting out of hand.  It is time for bed!  As my grandfather, Billdad, always says, "Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!"


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