Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Alive :)

It is SO hard to type when you're drugged up!  Therefore, I'll make this short :)
Surgery went well according to my husband's report.  I'm looking forward to speaking with my surgeon in the morning to find out all the details.  The pics are pretty darn awesome, and I honestly think this will be the last surgery on the left knee.  It's kind of weird knowing that I have the parts someone else inside of me!  I have this super cool nerve block hooked up to my leg that I get to take home with me and use until next week.  Just hope I don't accidentally yank it out!  Already getting up to use the bathroom, already fell doing that, but overall doing better than previous major surgeries.  Thank goodness the bed caught my fall!  Having nausea and dizziness of course.  The pain isn't so fun, but tolerable if I just sit still and don't move.  I'm paler than a snowman!  Ok, guess I'd better go.  Viewing the computer screen does turn my stomach!
Thanks for your prayers!

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