Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have 3 things to share quickly, then I'm offline for a bit.

#1: I saw the surgeon yesterday and he gave me the clearance to walk!  I immediately ditched one crutch and use the other one to get around when walking far distances.  At home, though, I seem to be doing well without any assistance.  We'll see how my calves feel tomorrow.  They probably don't like me too much right now!  The praise about this is that I wasn't even allowed to bear weight on my left leg until yesterday.  How could I get off crutches so quickly?  In short, I have been working out EVERY single day, and I think the combination of exercises has restored my muscle strength enough to promote walking.  Woot woot!

#2: John was diagnosed with H1N1, better known as the swine flu :(  Poor thing is so sick, and after only 48 hours of symptoms, he already has bronchitis!  Do pray for him if you will.  I have progressively become more achy and chilled as the day has worn on.  At this point I'm not sure if I have been infected, but the odds are definitely not in my favor.

#3: Since John's business has considerably slowed down, we are really pinching pennies.  I kind of freaked out a bit last week, worried that we would be out on the street soon.  With all of the support we have from family, I highly doubt that would ever happen.  Nonetheless, we are taking the financial challenge of significantly cutting back, and that means lots of PB&J and tuna sandwiches and even unhealthy Ramen noodles.  Despite our current situation, we know that God always provides for our every need, and I really believe that means He'll never let us go hungry.  Today, John's mom showed up at our door with a huge pot of congee and tons of miscellaneous groceries.  Since we haven't communicated our need to her, she didn't even know that our diet has been quite limited lately.  I see this as just one of many ways God takes care of His children.  Thank you, LORD!

In Hope (for many things indeed),

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