Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Always a New Adventure!

The title of this post definitely sums up my life pretty well! Even when I'm not working, there always seems to be a new adventure around every corner I encounter. Some people think I'm indecisive. For onlookers, that may seem altogether true. Quite frankly, though, that isn't really the case. As my aunt always says, "there are too many things you want to do, Jessie." And I am here to tell you, that is the honest truth! I actually don't struggle with discontentment, contrary to what others may perceive. I simply want adventure, and changing things up now and then allows for that. So, moving from this home to that city to another job and so forth is just what I enjoy. As you can imagine, life is never boring in our household! Funny thing is, when I lived in China, I swore I could never be nomadic like the Tibetans I knew. Now I'm married to a nomad! God definitely has a sense of humor... one which I'm trying to embrace instead of fight!

So, what does all this mean? Let's just say that John and I are praying about our future. Not that we haven't been praying all along, but we have a new sense of vision to focus in on during prayer time. I love it! I love, love, love the adventures that I take because I'm willing to be flexible with my life. I have often said that I'm not a risk taker, but in actuality, I must be! I love the fact that God has chosen me, for whatever reason, to be one of those nomads that has the ability to move frequently, be shaken up, and spilled out wherever I'm needed. Of course this type of living can be stressful, but it is often a matter of the mind. Did Paul ever stay in one place? NO! So, there you have it. For those people who raise their eyebrows at the fact that John and I move here and there to do this and that thing, for the kingdom of course, can simply pull out the Bible and see that some people are called to this life... namely missionaries. Yes sir, I am quite content! Now, read on my friends :)

Here I am, at a crossroads. I've been accepted to Nurse Practitioner school. I like that. It makes me feel confident and assured. But wait a minute. Is this really the right time for me to go? I don't know. I really don't know. One might say "yes, you got accepted, so that is your open door." I'm skeptical. Yes, we often have a wide open field to play life in. I do believe that in the perfect will of God, He sometimes allows us the chance to make our own decisions. But I'm not so sure with this one. It sounds great, but do I really believe that this is the will of God for my life right now? Not so sure. There is a specific avenue that John and I are sensing a strong leading toward, and at this point, to say "no, I've been accepted to NP school, so I'm not going" would be clearly opposing His plan. So, what do I do with this? Choke it down that even though I really want more education, this just isn't the time? I'm thinking so. We're praying about it. Please join us in prayer, even though you really have no clue what I'm talking about. Thanks!

In other news, my rehab is going so well! Last Tuesday was my first day off crutches. I do have a significant amount of muscle soreness, but that is to be expected. My lower back has taken the brunt of my malalignment, and even massages don't seem to be doing the trick anymore. So in addition to working out every day, I started yoga classes this morning. This is my new favorite hobby! Really, I feel so much better after those stretches! I've realized that health, in-shape people who are new to yoga experience extreme soreness after beginning, but those who enter the class with extreme soreness already experience great relief. Yay for me! I'm embracing my time off work by taking yoga, pilates, and spins classes. I'll go to my first spins class today and pilates later this week. SO wonderful! I need this renewal in my life. I love the meditation at the end of class. It really gives me the chance to be still in the presence of my LORD and listen to what He is saying to me. Despite the skepticism of many Christians, I am confident in my relationship with the LORD that I can go to yoga, focus on the usual mind, body, spirit, and have it all be connected to my God. After all, He IS the Creator of our minds, bodies, and souls, right?!

Ok, gotta get to spins class. Have a good week in communion with our LORD!

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